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Curated and compiled by industry veterans, the course curriculum is vast and exhaustive. It covers A to Z of financial modeling, served to you in the form of small digestible chunks for clear conception. Maintaining a perfect balance of theory and practical sessions, the Financial modeling course at IIM SKILLS quenches your insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Financial Modelling is a valuation tool that teaches you to work with historical information of companies and analyse the company performance on relevant financial parameters. The course helps you focus on building skills in excel, financial statement analysis, project finance, and equity modelling. Financial models are mathematical representations of a company, financial asset, or any other investment. By then applying techniques from statistics such as linear regression analysis, skilled modelers can build a simulation that can be used to predict future financial performance. This specialization is designed to teach you two of the most often used methods to find the value of a startup.

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By taking the course, you can earn continuing professional education credits, a requirement for certified professional accountants . While you can earn a certificate upon completing the program, the certificate is issued by Coursera, not The Wharton School, which may be less impressive to employers. While the courses are self-paced, they begin on set dates, so you have to wait for the next enrollment period. All of the content is prerecorded, so there is no way to interact with instructors if you need personalized assistance. Make a Comprehensive and very practical model used in Investment Banking, Calculate multiples and interpret the results to find this relative value. Financial Modeling skills can be used across all industries and all countries.

Excel and VBA Programming for Finance from NYIF

You get a certificate that it will add some serious pop to both your CV and LinkedIn profile. Yes, that is important enough to be mentioned right at the top of this list. Brand Value for CV Building – These Certifications have been hand-picked to provide you with the maximum CV boosting potential. Its a competitive job market and you need every edge you can get. HR and hiring managers have to sift through thousands of CVs and they are looking for things that pop.

Our lecturer or SPOC, Ms. Shweta Swarnakar has been exceptional in handling the crowd and subject with ease in an unbiased and inspiring way. Kudos to her and Henry Harvin from bringing out such exceptional talent to the fore. I haven’t had enjoyed the kind of explanation he had given us compared to my previous sessions. A great Mentor who goes beyond and gives insights practically.

Besides, best financial modelling courses in india that want to restructure themselves by selling stakes to outsider parties or investors profit from business valuations. Having a fair idea of their business value by determining free cash flows, and other useful assets that accrue to the business at different times, they are better prepared to make business decisions. As such, there are no special prerequisites for this course. Anyone with curiosity and determination to learn financial modeling can enroll in this course. Provided that, it is imperative to stay in line with the new tools used in financial modeling for the smooth flow of business. People from all educational backgrounds can apply for the program.

The instructors at Henry Harvin are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of financial modelling course online. They provide clear and concise explanations, making the concepts easy to understand and apply in real-world scenarios. The IMS Proschool’s Financial Modeling training has trained 6,000+ students by now. This course has helped many candidates ranging from BCom students, MBA graduates, CFA® shareholders to skilled professionals.

Under this we would learn how to build a detailed trading comps right from the selection of peers to the analysis of final output. We would also understand how to compare and use these multiples as a valuation technique, what could the possible reason for differences in the multiples and how to tackle those differences etc. Rather than a financial modelling diploma or a degree, institutes and MOOC platforms frequently provide certification courses. This course is designed by industry experts with more than 21 years of experience.

The way of describing the Term Financial Modeling Course in India Is Good And The Content Is Informative And Useful. Best financial modeling course in India This program had a good combination of lessons and quizzes to make me feel engaged with the material. I felt very rewarded for getting answers right and was pleasantly surprised by the difficulty level of the course. The course is ultimate…I never thought that I can get something as valuable as this course.

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The course is split into 8 modules that are a good blend of theoretical concepts and applied knowledge. A plethora of exercises, throughout the course, imparts learners a practical understanding of the key topics. It teaches how to manage large datasets efficiently, extract meaningful information from datasets, present data and extract information effectively. Participants learn to create spreadsheets to forecast and model data.

  • Investment Banking Institute is one os the oldest institute for Financial Modelling and Valuation Course.
  • Another very good rationale or motivation for the need for good financial models is an opportunity for seeking or striving to understand and comprehend the various financial processes utilizing financial models.
  • The skills are covered in such a manner so that they can be immediately showcased in jobs and interviews.
  • The program helps to gain skills, tools, and techniques in financial modeling, and streamline the accounting and finance verticals of your company.
  • Financial modeling courses are offered by many institutes in both online and classroom options.

Financial modelling abilities are required in almost all corporate finance professions, so if you know how to do it, you have a lot of employment options. It improves the function of a fast-paced, economically and professionally fulfilling career path. Government academic institutions in India churn out some of the best professionals in our country, financial modelling is no exception. Government institutions attract the best of minds from across the country. Some of the best government colleges for financial modelling are mentioned in the table below. Financial Modelling is taught at a number of private academic institutions across the country.

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Sometimes, it is not required for a candidate to have any formal degree to prepare a financial model, rather it is important to grasp & understand the business well something like the revenue drivers or cost drivers. Michael uses a very hands-on, practical approach to learning in his course. He creates the financial models from a blank sheet in Excel teaching the students every step of the process in detail. Several different practical exercises are used throughout the course. The course assumes basic knowledge of Excel and Finance & Accounting. This course imparts a deep understanding of the mechanics of Discounted Cash Flow valuation.

It was founded in 2016 by finance pro Alastair Matchett, who has a background in mergers and acquisitions and private equity at J.P. Morgan and spent nearly 20 years as an instructor before starting Financial Edge. The Financial Modeling course is designed to teach students how to build different types of financial models with Excel. This certification is for anyone interested in modeling and valuing companies the easy way.

Many sample papers and questions are also made available to you as a part of your exam preparation. Online Certificate programs are offered by the IIT Delhi under the aegis of Continuing Education Programme so that the Institute can realize its vision of serving as a valuable resource for industry and society. They have 25+ Hours of Live Sessions, 150+ Hours of Learning Content, and Weekly Doubt Clearing Sessions with the Top Management Faculty. With the completion of the course, you receive a certificate from IIT Delhi.

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In the table given below we have selected some of the financial modelling course fee. Checkout this article to know about the Best Financial Modelling Courses in India. Financial modeling courses range from $100 to $1,000 or more. Unlike other online courses, you can get answers to your questions from the course instructor, and you can engage with other financial professionals taking the course. In the program, you will learn how to use your own data to build scenarios and predict future performance. Investopedia offers its own financial modeling class as part of the Investopedia Academy, but to maintain objectivity, we opted to exclude it from this roundup.


Primarily aimed at individuals looking forward to getting started with a career in finance, this course can be taken by anyone without any prior experience in finance. Commence with the methods to find data for the models before going ahead with the other topics. Learn to forecast 10 years of financials efficiently as well as value companies with personal advice from the instructor who has over 20 years of experience in this field. This flexible online course will also help you understand Cash Flow, ROI and IRR. With this popular course, you will gain an understanding of financial modelling services and future business occurrences. I highly recommend downloading the course brochure to get a feel for what you need to learn when it comes to financial modeling.

Financial modelling professionals are continually in demand by equity research businesses, accounting firms, investment banks, and credit rating organisations. Finally, financial modeling is a useful tool in every industry to decide appropriate finances and costs. The graduates who pursue this course can get their preferred jobs in various companies. In this article, we have covered almost all details of this course. If you want to join this course, then you can easily apply for this course at your preferred institute. If you’re considering taking a financial modeling course and deciding if it’s worth the cost, think about your goals.

I am an Engineer. In what way financial modelling can help me ?

Financial Modeling course is one of the necessary skills possessed by investors. Financial Modeling is not only used by individual investors, there is a wide range of careers available in the field of financial modelling. It is frequently used by corporate, and professionals, namely financial analysts, investment bankers, financial researchers, and many others related to corporate decision-making. This Specialization is ideal for learners who are interested in entering the dynamic world of data and business analysis, and/or want to increase their knowledge and skills in Finance and Quantitative Modeling.

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The best financial modeling course should cover various aspects of financial modeling such as spreadsheet modeling, financial statement analysis, valuation, and M&A modeling. These courses are essential for individuals who aim to become financial analysts or investment bankers. Financial Modeling is the art of creating a financial model that is used by different stakeholders in different ways as per their requirements. A financial model is a blueprint in the spreadsheet format based on the organization’s past financial statements and expected financial performance in the future.

The courses start from the beginner level to the advanced level. Coursera has business courses and Specializations on a wide range of topics, including financial modeling. You can take courses focused on areas like financial and quantitative modeling, statistics for financial analysis, and the use of programs like Microsoft Excel and Python in this field. For some business professionals, financial models are even more central to their work.

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